The V-word

Not really a blog post, more like a small wish for my readers.

So it’s Valentine’s day, huh?

It’s just a regular day but you may tend to feel lonelier just because it’s supposed to be a day which you spend with a loved one (read partner).

Well i don’t know why we’re supposed to do certain things anyway.

But well, here’s a wish for the ones who are in love and happy. May you stay like this for the years to come.

Here’s a wish for the ones who are also in love but not so happy, may you learn to work things out eventually.

A wish for those who’d be stalking their crush, i hope they text you tonight.

Here’s a wish for those sobbing into their pillows because your parents won’t stop shouting at each other, I hope the noise eventually dies and you get to sleep.

A wish for those who are feeling broken and alone ; stay strong, you know you are.

A wish for those watching The Notebook with a bucket of ice cream on their laps wishing for their own Noah ; you’ll get one don’t worry, and if not then gather some tools and build your own damn house, come on!

A wish for those snuggled up with a book and a mug of coffee ; may you get a lovely twist by the end of it.

A wish for those playing video games, unaware of the day ; I hope you win this time.

Also a wish for those curled up in their blankets binging friends clapping along to the theme ; hopeless, awkward and desperate for love? We all know who else is, mhm.

And now here’s a wish for you, reader.
This Valentine’s day, let’s just vow to love ourselves a little more. To be kinder and more caring towards our own selves. Because well, it’s actually the most committed relationship you’ll ever need to be in.

Wishing you a very happy Valentine’s day. ♥️

With warm love,
Munshi ♥️


Spreading good vibes 💛

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