Confessions of a book Shopaholic

So here’s the thing – Buying books and reading them are two completely different hobbies. (Yes.)

You can buy and collect as much books as you want but not read them ; but then you can be a vivacious reader and not feel the need to buy books at all for you can simply borrow them from a friend or library.

Well sometimes, we readers come across a phase which we call to be a ‘reader’s block ‘. If I were to explain this term, it’s similar to the term ‘ writer’s block ‘. Here, the readers face difficulty in being able to proceed with a book. They find themselves being distracted and reading the same page or paragraph several times.

This has to be a really annoying thing for readers and yes, I have went or to be more accurate, am still kind of going through it. But it’s been a really long time and I’m on the verge of fully getting out of that phase now (Yay!!).

So in this post I am going to discuss some stuff that might be of help to you if you’re facing the same problem. Also, I have and do go through a lot of writer’s block issues which I’d like to talk about, but I guess that’s a whole other topic and maybe I’ll cover it in my future posts.

Now, without further delay, here are some suggestions I’d give you –

1. Choose something you’ll actually enjoy – Most of us having social media accounts are followers of several Booktubers, Bookstagram users or basically book related accounts where we can find reviews and book suggestions. These reviews tend to shape our decisions and choices about whether we should read a certain book or not. Sometimes even if we find the summary or concept to be not so interesting, we proceed to buy and read the book based on the fact that it has received good reviews or that it’s trending.

So here’s something you could try – pick up a book based on just the summary or concept which interests you and avoid reading any reviews. Go to the library or browse amazon or anything and pick something you find appealing. This is going to help you be able to judge the quality of the book for yourself and trust me, there are going to be several instances where you’ll be surprised.

2. DNF DNF DNF* – Reading isn’t a chore. You do it because you love it, right? Although I am NOT a big fan of leaving books unfinished, but if you find that you’re stuck in a part and the plot isn’t going anywhere or you find it difficult to grasp the concept of the story, you may put it down for a while and pick something you’ll enjoy.

3. Re-read one of your favorites – Another really risky suggestion because it makes you stay in your comfort zone. But at times this maybe something you need to be able to proceed with other books.

Maybe at times what you need to do is just pick up an old favorite of yours to remember why you got into this hobby in the first place and the reason is simple – because you loved doing it.

4. Shift genres – Sometimes when you’re stuck reading books from a particular genre, it may get tiring and boring. In these times, you could try and change to a different genre to get a little refreshment. Here you could refer to suggestions and choose a less intimidating book which will give you a nice start into the genre.

5. Wordy words getting too much? – Maybe novels aren’t for you right now, if so then you can pick something different like a book of short stories or poems? Or you could try graphic novels or illustrated books?

6. Set a goal – If you read a book in a scattered manner and not as a whole, you won’t really be able to feel the essence. You won’t enjoy it much either. Something you could try is set aside some amount of time for reading solely. Sort of like a reading goal for the day and try to accomplish it!

7. Avoid distractions – Burn your phone.

Just kidding. But yeah it actually is a major form of distraction so just keep it aside during your reading hours.

Also you could try night reading because it’s all shanti shanti :3

( Tip – Ebooks** will be very helpful here since they come with their own lighting and you can carry your books in one device ! )

*I will not really suggest that you keep piling up books in your DNF list (in case the term isn’t clear, DNF stands for ‘Did Not Finish’. It is a tagline used by most booktubers and bookstagram users) because that will get you no where. You can set a limit for the number of books which you leave pending and then try to finish them one by one. Stick to this list and avoid buying more books till it’s covered.

**Okay so I was very stubborn about not switching to ebooks but when I did it really helped me. You see you cannot carry books with you everywhere, but you do carry your phone. So when you’re stuck in places where you have to wait or kill time, you can just read from your phone. Also when you’re travelling somewhere, instead of adding extra weights to your luggage you can just read your PDFs or in my case I prefer EPUBs !

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Talk to you in my next post ! ♥️


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6 thoughts on “Confessions of a book Shopaholic

  1. bro, when’s your next blog coming?
    it’s written next on May 12th, 2020!!!!!

    Why? Why are you torturing everyone bruh?!


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